Why I love Facebook

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Sometimes things happen and they seem unfair, disastrous, and well, you get the point. But sometimes it’s those awful things that lead to the amazing ones.

A friend and colleague of mine was let go from his job in June. A job he held for many years and loved. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do next.

Like many of us, he was on Facebook–although begrudgingly. He really didn’t want to sign up, but after constant prodding from a friend he did it. During his job searches, etc., he would log on, and reconnect with old friends. One was a woman from camp he hadn’t seen in 25 years.

She lived in Los Angeles. He was in New York. He told her if she was ever in the area visiting her family they should grab lunch.

As luck, or fate, would have it–she was coming the next week.

They met and instantly hit it off.

She was a teacher and had summers off. He wasn’t working either. They spent the whole time together–and fell in love.

Now he’s moving to L.A. to be with her.

They’re both 43 and never thought they’d find their soul mates– until now.

He’s beaming and says he never felt this way about anyone. I’ve never seen him look so happy.

Losing his job (and joining Facebook) may have been the best thing that could ever have happened to him.

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