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I’m welcoming the talented Stacey Jay back to my blog! Her book My So-Called Death is now out!

So what is it about?
One second, freshman Karen Vera’s on top of the most fabulous cheer pyramid ever. The next, she’s lying on the pavement with seriously unflattering cranial damage. Freakishly alive without a pulse, Karen learns that she’s a genetically undead zombie.Suddenly, Karen’s non-life is an epic disaster. She’s forced to attend a boarding school for the “death-challenged,” her roommate is a hateful wannabe-Goth weirdo, and she’s chowing down on animal brains every day to prevent rot (um, ew?). Even worse, someone is attacking students and harvesting their brains for a forbidden dark ritual. And it might be the hottest guy at DEAD High, the one who makes Karen’s non-beating heart flutter!Armed with a perky smile and killer fashion sense, it’s up to Karen to track down the brain snatcher and save her fellow students from certain zombie death.
I had a chance to ask Stacey a few questions. Here they are:

1. Having the devil for a dad can be tough. But sometimes having a regular parent can be just as hard. What was your most embarrassing parent related moment?

Well, I have a lot to choose from so it’s hard. One time, my dad tried to take me and my sister to school in our pajamas. I was six (my sister three) and tried to tell him that the matching Strawberry Shortcake outfits were our P.J., but he wouldn’t listen. I cried all the way to school and he kept telling me I was being ridiculous…until we got there and Mrs. Shoemacher confirmed that I was indeed wearing pajamas. Then he took me and my sister home and we got to eat pancakes all morning and skip school. So…in the end, the day was a mix of horrid and awesome.

2. And while we’re on embarrassing moments (which my main character has quite a few of)… share with us one of yours (non parent related)?

One time, in seventh grade, I was reading while walking and walked into a brick wall and scraped up the tip of my nose. I had a huge scab for over a week and my friends called me Rudolph. The shame was great.

3. If you could cast your book as a movie/tv show… who would be your dream cast?

I would want MY SO CALLED DEATH to be a cartoon, produced by Tim Burton (a girl can dream, lol).

For more about Stacey check out her website:

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