Power of Social Media

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One of the greatest things about social media is how it can connect people.
Ages ago I wrote about a friend who got back in touch with a woman he knew from summer camp, and it was all thanks to Facebook. Now they’re married. I, myself, have been fortunate to connect with many people because of my online presence.
And, today, I’m hoping that the power of social media can do something huge.
I’m hoping it will help reunite an Auschwitz survivor and his twin brother.

This was posted on The Daily Beast:

‘Menachem Bodner last saw his twin brother at age 4, when he was liberated from the infamous Auschwitz laboratory of Dr. Josef Mengele. Now, armed with proof that his brother also survived, he’s watching his search go viral online.’

Let’s help Menachem find his brother. Share the information and help reunite a family that never should have been separated. 
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