Just wanted to share this Booklist review! Very excited about it!!!

PetroffShani (Author) , Manley, Darci (Author) 
Mar 2015. 352 p. Polis, hardcover,  $18.95. (9781940610320).  

The two girls are as far apart as can be: Madden is an elite Purple, destined to become a Minister of the Seven and living a life of privilege. Dax is an Ash, with no money, no privileges, and no destiny. When Dax’s brother, Aldan ,is killed for appearing to reject his destiny, Madden and Dax are drawn together in spite of their distrust and dislike, and all around them, clearly drawn societal lines begin to crumble. Romantic interests begin to brew, and a secret rebellion is uncovered. This first novel by the creative team of Petroff and Manley launches a new series of dystopian novels that could be a good fit for Hunger Games’ fans. It offers compelling, complex story lines, neatly paced, with plenty of twists and turns. Told in alternating chapters from both girls’ viewpoints, the story shows the artificialness of the boundaries we impose on others in society.  
— Melissa  Moore 

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